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sarasota medical acupuncture, chinese medicine, functional neurology, electro-acupuncture, tui-na

Sarasota Medical Acupuncture combines modern neuroscience with the ancient medicine of acupuncture.  This approach gives each patient a scientifically based, non- surgical, and non-drug approach to health and wellness.  


We specialize in treating symptoms associated with neurological disorders, including chronic pain, neuropathy, concussion, traumatic brain injury, and many other neurological conditions.  Our patients are evaluated using a state of the art, specialized functional neurological assessment for a better understanding of how their brain is working and how their brain's functioning can be improved in order to improve their symptoms.

In recent decades, science has confirmed acupuncture both promotes healing and helps

re-wire the brain.  At Sarasota Medical Acupuncture, we focus on this connection to help rehabilitate the brain and central nervous system to promote healing and functional recovery.  Our individualized treatment plans are designed to increase "neuromodulation"

and we incorporate various tools and therapies to get the patient back to their full potential.

Meet Dr. John J. Gorsuch, DACM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Dr. Gorsuch has over 15 years experience and is the only medical provider in Sarasota County certified as a Neuropuncture Acupuncture Specialist. Dr. Gorsuch has extensive training using a neuroscience approach to applying acupuncture with great success for his patients.

Providing each patient with a comfortable and relaxing environment is our top priority. Dr. Gorsuch specializes in treating symptoms associated with many neurological

disorders such as peripheral neuropathy, concussions,

post-concussion syndrome, and traumatic brain injury.

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sarasota medical acupuncture, chinese medicine, functional neurology, electro-acupuncture, tui-na

Acupuncture can treat symptoms associated with:


Some Eye Disorders   

Peripheral Neuropathy

Urinary Incontinence   

Urinary Retention   

Bell's Palsy


Shoulder / Knee Pain   

Carpal Tunnel   

Leg Edema   



Migraines / Headaches   





Back Pain   

Digestive Issues   


Neck Pain   

Women’s Health      


Mary L.

Menopause / Knee Pain


I had knee trouble and was told I would need to have knee surgery. After one session with Dr. John, my knee felt completely different! After a couple of sessions, the pain was completely gone. Dr. John also treated me for menopause along with other health issues. I can honestly say, the treatments have helped tremendously. I absolutely love going to him!